Shadowhunters season 3 episode 11 ratings up versus midseason finale

MalecGoing into today, we were beyond excited to see the Shadowhunters season 3 episode 11 ratings after all the heart and soul fans have put into keeping it in the headlines and fighting for it to have another season. There’s just so much to unpack here in terms of the live numbers, what they mean, and also how they compare to the first half of season 3.

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So what are we looking about here?

Now, let’s start by talking caveats — there are a lot of different things to look at when talking about ratings and we should get some of that out of the way. The numbers we’re talking about here (and mostly for the rest of the season) are live ratings that come via people with Nielsen boxes. It’s a complicated system, but they’re basically a representative sample. They’re just all anyone has to look at since global viewing numbers are not released for readers to digest. These ratings also don’t include anyone watching via DVR or online after the fact.

So why do they matter? Think of it as a base measurement, or a way to gauge enthusiasm. Here’s a good comparison — there are a lot of people who end up going to see a movie a weekend or two after it comes out, but movie studios love that opening weekend box office since it tells them how much excitement there is around their movie! They want to ensure that there are people who check it out right away.

The official numbers

Season 3 episode 11 posted a 0.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and around 370,000 total viewers. The good news here is that these ratings are a nice increase to how the midseason finale fared last year — that’s a reason for some optimism! On the flip side, it is also down still from a number of other season 3 episodes, including the season premiere last March that drew a 0.2 rating and close to half a million viewers.

The big conclusion to draw from all of this is that in the eyes of the network and all of those business guys with suits worried about money, nothing seems to be altogether different in how they will likely view the show. It is impressive that it was able to hold on to all of its audience after such a long hiatus (really impressive actually!) — plus also a cancellation and an extended fallout. It’s just hard to gauge based on these numbers alone whether or not another network is going to bite on picking the show up. We think it may actually be based more on the show’s enormous social following and viewers who will do whatever they can to support a network that supported them in turn. That remains one of the most interesting carrots to dangle for the show’s future, but it’s far from a guarantee and nothing to be altogether certain about. Our feeling remains the same — enjoy this crazy ride of the next nine episodes plus the season finale. Prepare for this to be the end, and if something else happens, commence your dancing in the streets and we will be right there with you!

What lies ahead now on Shadowhunters?

Be sure to check out the link here to catch our full preview for what’s coming on Monday’s episode — we’ll also be back next week to chat about the ratings a little bit more.

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