New Amsterdam episode 15 video: Is Max starting to break down?

NBC logoTonight, New Amsterdam is taking a breather on NBC and for a pretty simple reason: World of Dance is starting with a special premiere! The network can’t be in two places at one time and because of that, we’re going to have to wait another week to see Max Goodwin and some of your other favorites.

At the moment, the advice we’d give to you is quite simple: Take some deep breaths, given that you’re going to need to be centered for what’s coming. It’s painful, and it is probably also going to force Max into a different emotional place than we’ve seen from him to date. He’s had control over his cancer and, beyond just that, how he wants to deal with it. It’s a little bit different grappling with the emotional consequences of dealing with it. This is a tough, brutal disease and there is such a difficult reality associated with it — especially when you start to befriend other people with cancer. You’re going to lose people, and for someone like Max, he never wants to lose anyone.

After Max sees some fellow cancer patients struggling in this upcoming episode, that is going to lead him down the road of making some difficult decisions. How is his philosophy going to change towards the disease? It’s probably going to cause him to face the possibility of him not making it perhaps more than ever. Expect some difficult, personal conversations in this episode, and it’s a reminder that everyone processes grief and this sort of terrible disease in their own individual way. You would think that Max collapsing in the fall finale would’ve been the event that really lit the fuse and causing him to look at the world differently, but that didn’t happen. Instead, he’s remained the same, hyper-ambitious doctor as ever. That part of him is still there, but Max the doctor needs to care for Max the person at this point. Maybe we’re at the point now where that is going to happen.

So what else can you expect to see when New Amsterdam comes back? For starters, we’d like at least some emotional resolution to Dr. Reynolds visiting Dr. Bloom as she works to recover from her recent Adderall addiction. He cares for her greatly and even if he does have someone else in his life, the sort of past he has with her isn’t going to dissipate into the air. It can’t. It’s too much a part of his DNA as a person.

Finally, get ready for Max to lash out at Dr. Sharpe in this episode — it may be due to the cancer patients, but it could also just be due to him struggling to channel his frustrations properly. The stress, the pain, and the long hours have to get to him.

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