Ellen Pompeo on her Grey’s Anatomy future, season 16 commitment

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 6Because of all of the near-constant speculation these days over the future of Grey’s Anatomyit’s understandable to have some concerns that season 15 could be the end of the road.

Is there really any reason to be worried about the show’s future?

Here’s where we squelch some of those concerns. Barring some sort of global catastrophe or television disappearing off the face of the earth, it’s hard to envision the show ending this spring. There are already discussions about a renewal since it’s hugely profitable for ABC, and we think that the network wants to hang on to just about everything Shonda Rhimes-related that they possibly can. When Grey’s Anatomy does end, it’s not like they can just go to Shonda with a new idea. She’s at Netflix now with a new, super-expensive deal. ABC will keep this show alive as long as it can, just like the doctors at Grey Sloan would do with any one of its patients.

Oh, and there is another, hugely important reason why Grey’s Anatomy isn’t going anywhere: Ellen Pompeo has a deal for next season. This was first reported all the way back in 2018, but as we noted earlier, there’s always a ton of speculation on this subject and news tends to go in one ear and then out the other these days. It’s easy to forget sometimes.

In a new interview via E! News this weekend (you can watch that below), Pompeo gets very candid on everything regarding her future on the show — she notes having a deal for next season, but also being “itchy” to do some other stuff. This is a comment that she’s uttered in the past that kicks of the rumor mill into high gear reading into this that she’s for sure leaving the show when that’s not what she said. She’s also noted that her kids are getting older and it would be great to spend some more time around them, but again that doesn’t mean that she’s leaving. She doesn’t rule out coming on board for a season 17 down the line, but doesn’t guarantee it either. her philosophy seems to be simple — never say never when it comes to doing more of the show.

Pompeo does have a little more cautious approach to a season 16 renewal then we do — but that makes sense, given that she doesn’t want to take anything for granted. We just know that this show is profitable and it makes no sense to end something that’s bringing in money – TV is a business like any other after all.

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How will Rhimes be involved?

It looks as though she’s going to have a huge role in wrapping things up, even if Krista Vernoff is the mastermind behind the scenes of Grey’s Anatomy at the moment. Her conversations with Pompeo could help determine the grand finale for the show whenever that does come, as it doesn’t seem like there are any intentions of continuing it without her around.

Would we be shocked if there is another spin-off that eventually surfaces if Grey’s Anatomy comes to a close? Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, we’d be more shocked if there isn’t another spin-off. We understand that Private Practice and Station 19 are already out there, but the first show is over and we don’t anticipate a lot of other characters following the career trajectory of Ben Warren. Not banking on that in the slightest.

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