Outlander perspectives: The five strongest season 4 scenes

OutlanderWhat are the most iconic scenes from Outlander season 4? For starters we know that it’s a fool’s errand to think that this list (a part of our ongoing Outlander perspectives article series) is going to be everyone’s list. It’s not. Every person will (and most definitely should) have their own favorites. That’s a testament to quality that the writers created this season … and also the fact that there are 13 hour-long episodes in the season. We’re basically compiling 15 minutes of footage from a 13-hour season and saying that it is “the best.” That’s gonna be divisive and we know it.

Still with us? Then take a look at our five favorites below, and be sure to vote for your own favorite in the poll at the bottom of this article! Since there are so many other options, we suggest that you leave a comment if you’re loving a scene that we don’t mention here. We’ll keep this poll running for a week; come Tuesday, March 5 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, we shall share the results!

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Jamie and Claire “discover” Fraser’s Ridge (season 4 episode 3, “The False Bride”) – Visually, this moment is stunning. It’s us getting to see (almost through the eyes of our leads) the place that will become their home. It’s a landmark moment for the series and you can sense immediately the passion that the two have for it. What makes it so beautiful is the journey to get there — for the better part of the first three seasons, Jamie and Claire where nomads. They were never able to be where they wanted, and they were certainly never able to stay anywhere together. This represents the fast turning of the tide.

Lord John Grey and Claire discuss their feelings, their futures (season 4 episode 6, “Blood of My Blood”) – It may be true that there are more important moments within this season in terms of the plot, whether it be Roger learning about Brianna’s journey, Jamie defying Jocasta’s wishes, or the return of Murtagh into this world. (Mind you, the Murtagh – Jamie reunion is probably #6 in our mind and it pains us to not have it on here.) It’s just so hard to overlook the sheer master class that Caitriona Balfe and David Berry put on here as Claire understands the depth of Lord John’s feelings and the prevailing sadness that he has that he may never have what he believes to be the great love of his life. She empathizes with him, but also challenges him on the notion that her love was easy — we know, for a fact, that it almost certainly was not.

Jamie and Brianna meet for the first time (season 4 episode 9, “The Birds & The Bees”) – Let’s face it — this is probably the moment of the season. It’s the scene that was more anticipated than almost any other and a lot of work was put into making it right. First, you have the demystifying of the Jamie character — the first sight that Brianna has of her father, a.k.a. a reminder that fictional characters relieve themselves just like anyone else. Then, the awkwardness of the scene that transfers over into something that is heartfelt, sentimental, and tear-inducing. This is a moment Jamie never thought he would have and he was getting a chance to embrace it all. It was special, and it made all of the buildup so very worth it.

Saying goodbye to Young Ian (season 4 episode 13, “Man of Worth”) – This is your “grab your tissues” moment of the finale. While John Bell may not be leaving the show for good, this scene was very much saying goodbye to the version of Young Ian Murray that we knew. This was allowing him to immerse himself in a new society and turning the page to a very different position in life. This is a moment that will stay with Claire and Jamie both, but especially the latter given the longstanding relationship the two had and also the sense of responsibility that Jamie feels over Ian having to do this in the first place.

Roger and Brianna reunite (season 4 episode 13, “Man of Worth”) – Really, you can argue that the entire closing minutes of this episode contained one epic moment after the next. First, you had Jamie and Claire’s return back to River Run after months on the road; soon after, you had Roger making his grand, romantic entrance and affirming his commitment to Bree and their baby. Then, you had the epic Jamie-centric cliffhanger where he may have to pay the piper. Still, the moment between Roger and Bree was episodes in the making, and it’s the one that we can go back and re-watch time and time again.

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