Outlander perspectives: Who was the best new season 4 character?

OutlanderWelcome back to our second annual Outlander perspectives article series! Following the conclusion of a season, we like to get a good sense as to what CarterMatt readers liked and didn’t like about a particular season of the show. It’s a chance to gauge fandom interest in a previous season, and it certainly also helps us hone our coverage for the future. There’s a poll at the bottom of each article, and that’s where you can take part!

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We’re going to be posting all of our Outlander perspectives articles throughout the next week, so be sure to keep checking back to the link here. Each poll will be open for a week and the results will be posted on February 27 at 10:00 p.m. Pacific, right after the polls close. This time around, we’re asking the following question: Who is your favorite season 4 character? There are really only two things we’re looking at here — people who debuted for the first time in season 4, and also people who were present on the show for more than one episode. If you don’t see your favorite on the list, share in the comments.

Aunt Jocasta – She’s a complicated figure, someone who believes in brutal customs not even remotely acceptable in 21st-century life. Yet, she also Jamie’s aunt who cares about him deeply, and she is responsible for helping to care for Brianna both before and after she gives birth.

Lizzie Wemyss – Also complicated in her own way — aren’t many characters within the world of this show? She is responsible for Jamie’s assault on Roger (a case of mistaken identity), but she was really just doing what she could in order to look after Brianna. She is trying to be a good servant and friend to her.

John Quincy Myers – He was more of a presence in the early part of season 4 than the end, but we enjoyed having him around as the sort of backcountry expert to North Carolina. Without him, who knows if the journey towards what we know to be Fraser’s Ridge would have been successful in the first place?

Stephen Bonnet – Here, we have the most notorious villain of the entire season — in Outlander perspectives last year, we did a separate article for best villain. There’s no real reason to do that here in the slightest. This man is vicious, manipulative, and brutal in a way that surpasses almost any other foe we’ve seen, save for maybe Black Jack Randall of course.

Governor Tryon – While technically in opposition to Jamie by the end of the season, he’s the one responsible for the Frasers eventually getting their home in the first place. We just have to see what the consequences of that are.

Phaedre – She’s someone we’d certainly like to know more about, given that she is one of the more noteworthy people at River Run and someone who does forge some sort of bond with Brianna during her time there. She’s a caring person and one of the best windows we have into that world.

Ulysses – We know that there’s still so much more that the writers could explore with him at River Run, especially when it comes to his backstory. Yet, it does feel clear to show viewers that he has a closer relationship to Jocasta than most.

Adawehi – While her appearances were fairly short in season 4, she was one of the most fascinating Native American characters this season — she helped Claire especially get the lay of the land.

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Now, we turn this over to you — be sure to share your thoughts on your favorite new Outlander character below! (Photo: Starz)


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