Outlander perspectives: What season 4 storyline did you want more of?

Outlander season 4Welcome back to our second annual Outlander perspectives article series! Following the conclusion of a season, we like to get a good sense as to what CarterMatt readers liked and didn’t like about a particular season of the show. It’s a chance to gauge fandom interest in a previous season, and it certainly also helps us to hone our coverage for the future. There’s a poll at the bottom of each article, and that’s where you can take part!

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We’re going to be posting all of our Outlander perspectives articles throughout the next week, so be sure to keep checking back to the link here. Each poll will be open for a week and the results will be posted on March 1 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific, right after the polls close. This time around, we’re asking the following question: What storyline do you wish there was more of? There were only 13 episodes, and we’re talking about an adaption of a super-lengthy book. Yet, we’re not focusing here on scenes that were cut altogether — these are scenes that were featured to some degree, but left you shouting at your TV for more!

Basically, anything in the “present” – We didn’t see anywhere near enough of that! A part of it likely has to do with some departures from the source material (no Joe Abernathy, who we really liked in season 3); another part of it had to do with time. Still, it would’ve been nice to see more of what Roger and Brianna were leaving behind when they ventured back to the past; this was a snapshot when in some ways, and we wanted a photo album.

Building the cabin at Fraser’s Ridge – We saw the foundation of the home; then, the next week, the cabin magically popped up like it was just built on The Sims! What was the construction process like? How did they get the furnishings? Is there some sort of Outlander interior designer lurking somewhere? Alas, we understand that 18th-century construction may not have been of primary interest to the writers.

Marsali & Fergus – Despite being huge parts of season 3, and with Fergus having such a long relationship with Jamie dating back to when he was a boy, they were gone for huge chunks of time! While they were separate from a lot of the main storyline, wouldn’t it be nice to get a larger picture of city life from them? It seems like the perfect subject of at least a vignette or two or three.

Jamie, Claire, & Young Ian’s journey to Shadow Lake – In a lot of big, open-world video games, there’s something called Fast Travel that you press to just skip over a lot of the journey with a loading screen — within a few seconds, you’re at your final destination! It took more than a few seconds, but it did totally feel like someone pressed Fast Travel over most of this journey. (There had to be more than just them wandering and riding horses, right?)

Brianna & Lord John Grey – The power couple we didn’t know we needed, but the power couple we had a lot of fun with! Really, we’d relish David Berry acting alongside anyone, but this relationship was a total delight and it’s a shame that within a couple of episodes, it vanished faster than the ghostly highlander in season 1.

There are so many other honorable mentions to consider here — Roger being captured, the journey back from rescuing Roger, Jocasta & Ulysses, a longer reunion for Roger & Bree, and so on. These were just the five that stood out the most! Maybe you agree, or may you don’t. That’s why we want comments to go along with poll votes. This is one of those categories that is so loose! Everyone’s going to have their own take on it.

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