God Friended Me season 1: Should Miles, Cara get together?

God Friended MeMrs. Carter: With God Friended Me on a brief one-week hiatus, why not delve further into one of the show’s most-important relationships?

When CBS first launched the freshman series, a thought likely trickled into the minds of its creators and writers: How do we hook viewers in right away? There are two different ways that stand out above all others.

1. Make sure viewers are hooked on the concept – In this case, it was lofty — a mysterious “God Account” that was sending Miles information on various people he could help. If done wrong, this would range from cheesy to just downright bad; luckily, it’s not done wrong. It’s sweet, it’s earnest, and the sense of optimism that is present week in and week out makes this one of TV’s best feel-good shows.

2. Make sure viewers get hooked on the relationships – So many network series are reliant, at least to a certain degree, on the will-they-or-won’t-they of it all. Within the lens of this particular show, the biggest relationship that fits the bill is Miles and Cara. She got roped into his God Account mysteries early going and since that time, she’s built a close bond with Miles … one that could eventually develop into something more.

With that being said, should it? Anytime you slowly approach the idea of two very-loved characters getting together, there is a warning alarm that sounds. Why? The concern starts up immediately that in pairing these two characters together, you are in turn risking the chemistry of their mission or leave Rakesh out almost as a third wheel. This is also a show that is planning to be on the air for a long time and with that, you want to take your time. You want to make sure that the relationship feels right.

As a matter of fact, one could easily make the argument that waiting to pair up these two characters shoulds just how much they care about each other. It shows that they value the relationship that they have and they are patient in finding a way to be together in a greater capacity. It allows them to better establish their parameters and keep something that is, in the end, healthy.

Will it happen this season?

If I had my way, probably not — yet, that doesn’t mean that I want things to remain where they are forever. If God Friended Me has a hope to remain on the air for three or four seasons, at least, pairing the two characters up near the end of season 2 would feel ideal. That allows for a chance to experience them as separate and single, and then move into what they look like as a couple. They’re both still very young and with that, there’s no hurry to see them married … but if they have the same chemistry and zeal for life as a couple as they do apart, it’s certainly something on the wishlist by the end of the season.

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The most important ingredient in the equation of God Friended Me is hope. If pairing Miles and Cara up suits that tone, it’s something worth happening; if it somehow detracts from the show in some way, it may be better to either maintain or go back to the status quo. It’s a delicate balance, and one that I’m confident the writers have a clear plan for. After all, hasn’t the God Friended Me plan worked out pretty good so far.

What’s next on God Friended Me?

The show’s back on CBS in one week’s time, and you can head over to this link to score some other updates all about what’s next.

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