Is This Is Us ending with season 6 … or is it too early to even know?

This Is Us season 3There’s nothing that the television industry loves more than talking about the end of things, and it doesn’t matter if it’s happening in two, three, or even five years down the road. Therefore, nobody can be shocked with the runaway train that’s coming on the heels of the This Is Us producers saying that the series could end with season 6.

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Remember, nobody should be surprised by this. A lot of TV contracts last six or seven years for the cast, so there’s a financial reason to end a show around this point. There’s also a creative reason; if you’re a writer and you know that you’ve got your core cast locked in for that long, why not just plan a story that lasts that same span of time? Give yourself a proper beginning, middle, and end and hope to the TV gods that nobody pulls the plug beforehand. Lost got to live the dream of having its full run and, so long as the ratings stay where they are, This Is Us will do the same. This show is a revelation for NBC — it’s a once-in-a-generation, bust-out-your-hankies-and-sob-over-them sort of show. It’s inspiring how other networks do their business. It’s winning Emmys. There’s no reason for now for the network to want it gone unless it finds a way to just torpedo its whole story and sink itself into a dark abyss.

For the record, it’s hard to imagine that happening.

In the video below from The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, series star Milo Ventimiglia did a great job of allowing us all to do one thing: Slow our roll on the end of the show. Could it end after season 6? Sure, but as he notes, there’s a chance that changes. Maybe there’s more story than first anticipated, and maybe there’s room for something more. It’s silly in season three to lock yourself into six seasons once and for all — even if Dan Fogelman and the writers have an established six-year plan, there’s still flexibility and room for things to shift and change.

Whenever This Is Us ends, know this: It should end beautifully. It may not be with a bunch of characters dancing on a rainbow, but it will be with a reminder of family, of feelings, and the multitude of things that we hold dear. This is a show that makes you feel real and raw. It delivers those emotions and packs them in a way in which few others do.

Let’s take things one episode at a time…

The next installment is airing on NBC in just over a week, and it’s called “The Graduates.” Wanna know more? Of course you do! Check out the link here.

How long do you envision This Is Us lasting on the air?

Are you taking a wait-and-see approach, based on the quality of the story? Share below. (Photo: NBC.)

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