NCIS season 16 episode 14 review: McGee, Chloe, & a password

Once Upon a Tim

Is NCIS season 16 on a bit of a winning streak? We thought that this past episode “She” was one of the best in some time, and “Once Upon a Tim” tonight certainly also had its merits.

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What we learned tonight was rather simple — even though there weren’t a lot of updates on the Ziva storyline from last week (save for maybe a small reference from Bishop), the writers delivered on a great episode that put a longtime cast member at the moment. It’s not all that often that you learn something new about a character like McGee after so many years, but that is precisely what we had here. We learned about Tim’s past, his reluctance to join the Navy despite having a very demanding father, and then also the fact that he wrote a virus that could take down the Department of Defense.

The problems for Tim tonight started when an old computer password from his time in high school surfaced as a part of the case; from there, things only got worse when his home was broken into and he ended up shooting someone. As longtime fans know, this isn’t even the first time that this has happened … but we do find it hilarious that he kept it a secret from Delilah all this time.

As the case started to unravel, we learned that one of the main suspects at the heart of this episode may be a very important person to Tim’s past. We’re talking here about Chloe, his old girlfriend-of-sorts (he didn’t want to call her that, but she totally was) who was a big part of his past for a brief period of time. His father was trying to force him into the Naval Academy while she tried to encourage him that he should follow some different pursuits. However, after his family moved, he never saw her again — it wasn’t until a few pieces of evidence came up, including an old IP that he previously obsessed over, that he put a few pieces together.

There was a brief period of time where it seemed like Chloe was some sort of terrible terrorist, but she instead was just forced into a terrible position. She had planted Tim’s old virus years ago and forgot about it — she never thought that it would ever work. In the end, NCIS was able to bring the responsible party to justice, and Tim got to celebrate by bringing his old tapping shoes to work — it was a part of his life that he gave up via his career, and something that he didn’t want to lose forever.

CarterMatt Verdict

In the end, Tim was grateful for the time he spent with NCIS and that he ended up going in the direction that he did. While he is happily married now to Delilah (who was great in this episode), this was a really excellent journey into his past and it offered up so much context into who he was and how he ended up working with NCIS. There were a lot of funny moments in here, but above all else, we’re so grateful to have an episode that presented a full picture of Timothy McGee from start to finish. This was a fully-realized character, someone who was both nerdy and a crime-stopping hero. In life sometimes, you can be both.

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