NCIS season 16 episode 14: Why Ziva storyline wasn’t continued


Tonight, NCIS season 16 episode 14 told a really great story, one featuring none other than Sean Murray as Timothy McGee. It gave you flashbacks, and perhaps more backstory on the character than we’ve had for quite some time.

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Yet, we do understand that there are still some people out there who are asking questions about Ziva. Why is that? Well, blame what we just saw on this past episode. At the end of season 16 episode 13, we learned for the first time that Cote de Pablo’s character could still be alive. That was a rather shocking development to process, and we just like everyone else is curious to get some more information on it.

So why didn’t the show pick up on that tonight? Well, the simple answer is that there was no reason for them to do. The main narrative push behind the end of season 13 was that Bishop was supposed to keep Ziva’s secret. If she was to give that away already, she’d be pretty terrible at living up to her word. Also, Ziva obviously didn’t tell her to keep things quiet for the sake of her coming out and revealing her secret a mere matter of seconds later. This is a secret that is clearly meant to stay this way for at least a little while.

(Technically, we thing that the writers subtly mentioned it with Bishop saying that “she’s not a fan of secrets right now” after Delilah learned about the previous break-in at McGee’s apartment.)

If you have watched NCIS with regularity over the years, then there is a pretty good chance you know how they operate. They are by and large a procedural show and because of that, they often hesitate in order to give you too much information about long-term stories in a short period of time. Often, what happens during an episode in February is not brought up again until April or May. Technically, there’s no guarantee at all that NCIS will ever even address what Bishop found and Ziva’s secret. We just remain optimistic that this is something that they are going to want to do. Why tell viewers that Ziva is still out there unless you have some sort of larger plan for down the road? It may not be for this season, but we’re certainly so much more hopeful for more of this character than we ever were going into this season.

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Are you disappointed that tonight’s NCIS did not mention Ziva or the story at the heart of last week’s “She,” or do you understand it perfectly? Share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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