Manifest season 1 finale review: Who got shot; who’s pregnant?

Manifest season 1Tonight, the Manifest season 1 finale arrived on NBC … and of course brought a lot of drama along with it.

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To think, this is an episode that brought you everything from near-constant violence to mythology theories to Grace announcing that she was pregnant. Grace’s pregnancy reveal was a big deal and yet, it’s almost easy to forget about that because of the past few minutes, which including a VERY dramatic cliffhanger in which Michaela was meant to stop someone … but who? Zeke and Jared were in the midst of a struggle over the gun, and in the closing seconds of the finale, we heard a gunshot. Yet, we don’t know who actually fired at who.

If we were to create a theory about the deceased, or at least the one who was shot, it could be Zeke. We don’t think that his time is necessarily up just yet (we know that there hasn’t been that much time that has passed since his arrival, compared to when he was gone); yet, being shot doesn’t necessarily mean that you are dead. Of course, this is complicated by Michaela’s calling. Was she being told to stop Zeke … or to stop Jared? Who is really the bad one here? It’s easy to side with Jared as the good guy, but this is a cliffhanger for a reason.

So, for now, our theory is that Zeke got shot … but that he survived. This is probably going to make things all the more awkward for everyone involved, no? (Obviously, just a theory.)

On a separate note, who  would’ve thought that it was Olive who would’ve figured all of this out when it comes to the callings. We also saw Griffin’s death — his expiry date, as it turns out, has arrived.

As for another big reveal…

Because of Cal’s own vision and what we learned tonight via Olive’s information, it does seem as though these passengers may only be around until June 2024 … meaning that they are all on borrowed time. (Did Manifest just set itself up for a six-season run? That’s certainly the ideal here, clearly.) We think that this date could change a lot of stuff for this show, including precisely how Ben wants to live. It also raises some philosophical discussions of how you would live if you know the date of your death. Does it change you at all?

CarterMatt Verdict

The Manifest season 1 finale delivered in terms of answering some key questions, and at least giving you a framework for how the future of the series could go. The question that we do wonder now is if you can change the future — or your destiny. Can you alter things, or are they set in stone? this was a strong way to end the season, and we certainly hope that this is enough of a worthy send-off for some out there to raise the stakes even more for the second season. (There’s no season 2 yet, but we’re optimistic about it.)

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