Manifest season 1 finale video: Why would Griffin reveal the Callings?

Manifest season 1The Manifest season 1 finale is coming on NBC Monday night, and just about everything is about to hit the fan.

So, what’s happening in the sneak peek below? It’s basically all about the search for Griffin, who is getting set to metaphorically throw a grenade into all of the passengers’ lives. He is set to deliver a television interview that could reveal some of his Callings — which, in turn, would put everyone from flight 828 in danger. It would make sense that all of them would have some similar abilities, and they have to find a way to stop him … if that is even possible.

So what are Ben, Michaela, and Jared going to do? Much of the sneak peek below is about the three of them formulating some sort of plan in order to figure out precisely what their next move in going to be. We’ve got a feeling that this is going to be a pretty-enormous challenge for them, but we imagine that these two are, one way or another, going to find a way to figure this out.

There is still one other important question to wonder entering the finale, and it’s a big one — why would Griffin want to even do this? He is, after all, putting himself in greater danger with some of these admissions. Yet, there’s a key component here that you have to consider: This guy is someone who doesn’t care about anything other than what he wants and when he wants it. He’s selfish, and unsurprisingly, he wants some money. This may go much deeper than that, but this is something that is worth thinking about a little bit entering the finale.

So while Ben and Michaela have their plan…

Remember that there is a good chance that Zeke is up to something more, as well. More than likely, this character is going to have a critical role to play in the story before we get to the end of the season, and this is something that we’re looking to see. It could be dangerous, it could be painful, and above all else, we’re hoping that it will bring you at least one exciting moment.

While there is no official Manifest season 2 renewal at the moment, we certainly think that one is coming. Because of that, we’ve got every reason in the world to think that there is a big cliffhanger coming at some point very soon.

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What do you want to see across the Manifest season 1 finale? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Of course, we’ll be back on Monday with a little more discussion on the final episode and when season 2 of the series could premiere. (Photo: NBC.)

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