Manifest season 1 finale promo: What is the answer?

ManifestNext week, the Manifest season 1 finale is coming to NBC … and the promo below does a good job of setting the table. Things are going to get crazy.

As we move into the finale, we know that a few things are not quite what we expected. For example, were we so wrong to believe in Zeke? What could his connection be to the Major? What’s going to happen between him and Jared?

Beyond anything, we have to brace ourselves for the threat of death in this final episode — killing off characters in the first-season finale of high-concept shows is a fairly common tradition, and there are certainly many people who could be in danger … both good and ambiguously evil. A character death is a great way to stir up some discussion leading into a second season — that’s something that we know for sure.

Yet, regardless of if anyone lives, the final seconds of this promo strongly suggest that nobody’s life is ever going to be the same. It also features Olive suggesting that the real truth behind the show’s prevailing mystery has been right in front of everyone all along. If she’s able to figure that out without being a member of flight 828, that’s all the more impressive — we would like to see her and Grace get even more involved in the craziness of the show in a season 2. (We know that technically, there is not a season 2 just yet … but we’re continuing to move forward thinking that there is.)

We know that Manifest has loved its airplane puns as episode titles, but there is something suspicious about “Estimated Time of Departure.” That’s a pretty clear reference to some of Cal’s visions … or just a looming threat of danger that is coming for everyone. If nothing else, it’s a chilling title and for those of you who are diehard TV fans, there’s something about it that should keep you on edge over the next few days.

For now, it almost feels like the less we saw, the better. We want this show, after all, to deliver some more surprises in the future.

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What do you think is going to be coming over the course of the Manifest season 1 finale, and do you have any prediction as to what the big twist is going to be? Share some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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