Animal Kingdom season 4 promo: Can Smurf find control?

Animal Kingdom season 3While you probably do have to wait a while in order to see Animal Kingdom season 4 on the air, at least we’ve got a new promo!

Today, the folks over at TNT offered up a first look at the upcoming season, which is more than likely going to be about one thing more than anything else: Trying to make sure that the wheels don’t come off of Smurf’s operation. The good news for her is that she is not out of prison; however, the bad news is that the Cody boys have now evolved. For starters, J is proving himself to be incredibly dangerous. He’s capable out of the field, and he’s also somewhat of a sociopath when it comes to how cold of a killer he can be. He is ready to go to toe-to-toe with her in a big way, and you do get a small sense of that in the preview.

Also worth noting, judging from this preview, is that at least one character is getting into professional fighting; meanwhile, you are also going to be seeing Frankie stick around in some capacity. We weren’t entirely sure that this was going to happen, given that she could’ve easily just taken advantage of Craig and found her way to the next big operation.

One of the most-exciting things about Animal Kingdom season 4 is actually not hinted at in the promo directly — an upcoming appearance from Bones alum Emily Deschanel. The actress has a prominent role in the new season; we’re comparing it in our head to the role that we had from Denis Leary last season, at least in terms of how she could shake up the series and cause a little bit more conflict in the family.

No matter what direction the story of Animal Kingdom season 3 takes, one thing feels reasonably clear to us at the moment: It’s going to be a good time. Few series are able to tell complicated, twisted narratives with anywhere near the gusto that this one does. It’s brutally violent at times, but it never does lose the focus on family. It is a big driving force and we do think that some of these people do love each other … even if they also do spend a good bit of their time wanting to also kill each other.

There’s no official Animal Kingdom season 4 premiere date just yet, but prepare for late spring or early summer. Also, prepare for all sorts of awesomeness from start to finish.

What do you think about this new Animal Kingdom season 4 promo? Be sure to share some of your thoughts/reactions below!

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