Is Janet Montgomery leaving New Amsterdam, Dr. Bloom role?

NBC logoIs Janet Montgomery leaving New Amsterdam following Tuesday night’s new episode “The Blues”? The end of the episode certainly makes your wonder about that very subject.

Let’s start off this article by discussing, as a whole, what actually happened. In the closing minutes of the episode, it was revealed that Iggy was never going to clear her to go back into emergency medicine. She was still struggling with her Adderall addiction and that is not something to be taken lightly. She needs treatment for that, and a better understanding as to what makes her run away and some of what she’s went through in her past.

While for Max Goodwin it makes sense to keep working while he deals with his cancer recovery, it doesn’t make as much sense for Bloom. She left the hospital at the end of the episode, and Max assured her that there would be a spot for her when she was ready to come back. He knew that she was a good doctor and she was just in too deep; he wasn’t willing to give up on her, even though we do think that there are some other doctors in his position who would have.

So, for now, it seems like Montgomery’s character is checking out from New Amsterdam — but we don’t think that the exit is meant to be permanent. Montgomery is listed in future press releases and the show went out of their way to ensure that she should eventually be back. It all comes down to how quickly that will happen. They could even check in with her even when she is not around the hospital or at her job. We do hope that there is a way for her and Dr. Sharpe to work through some of what may be collateral damage of what happened with Sharpe reporting her. She was just trying to help the hospital, even if Bloom didn’t see it or want to see it at first.

(On a real-life note, Montgomery is currently expecting a baby, so the character have been temporarily written out for that reason.)

Overall, let’s just commend Montgomery and also Tyler Labine for some really great performances tonight. Iggy and Bloom going toe-to-toe brought us so much interesting character drama, and also explored a certain aspect of medicine we don’t often see — doctors refusing to accept or even believe that they are having a problem. We’re just lucky Bloom realized it before it was too late for her.

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