Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 spoilers: Lin-Manuel Miranda appearing!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5

Just in case Brooklyn Nine-Nine wasn’t having an exciting enough year, they’ve just landed a huge guest star in Lin-Manuel Miranda.

According to a report from TVLine, the Hamilton superstar is going to be appearing in the March 7 episode “The Golden Child,” where he will play Amy’s hyper-competitive brother David Santiago. We’re a little shocked that we never had a chance to see this character before now, but it does certainly make a little bit of sense to introduce him now — after all, how do you not take advantage of this casting opportunity? Lin-Manuel is a well-noted fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and is one of the celebrities who campaigned for more of the show after its initial cancellation last year. If the series didn’t find a way to get him on board, it would certainly be a bummer.

What’s so great about where Lin-Manuel is in his career right now is that he basically has the freedom to explore and appear in whatever shows he ultimately wants to. Take, for example, doing Hamilton shows in Puerto Rico and having an especially memorable arc on the most-recent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. We also still remember his Saturday Night Live hosting gig fondly — it was one of the few occasions where we have actually appreciated someone singing in their opening monologue.

While the future of Brooklyn Nine-Nine following its upcoming sixth season remains unclear, it is going to be nice to at least see some cool stuff moving forward in between these and at least one more appearance from Chelsea Peretti as Gina. She left a little bit earlier this season, and said after the fact that it wasn’t entirely her decision to depart.

Keep watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine live to get those ratings up,and hopefully we’ll get some more news on the future of the show by the time we reach May sweeps. Nobody wants to wait to know the future of the show at this point! Personally, we’re of the belief that we need at least one more season — if the show does end with season 7, we’ll be at peace that it had a run as long as many other great network comedies from over the years.

One more sidebar: If we’re getting a chance to see Lin-Manuel on board the show as Amy’s brother, can someone find a way to get back Amy’s father? Jimmy Smits was fantastic in this role, mostly because of how resistant he was both to Jake and to his family earlier on in the show’s run.

What do you think about Brooklyn Nine-Nine snagging Lin-Manuel for a guest spot? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments, and we’ll have some more news soon enough. (Photo: NBC.)

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