Shameless season 9 episode 10 video: The latest on Santiago

Shameless season 8Are you ready for Shameless season 9 episode 10 finally be back on the air? We’ve got a new sneak peek below all about it, and hopefully it helps to make the wait worthwhile.

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In this one, what you get is an update-of-sorts on the sad story of Santiago, as Kevin and V continue to do what they can in order to incorporate him into the family. It’s just hard given that their daughters are not altogether eager most of the time to treat him as an equal sibling, and then you’ve also got everything in terms of the language barrier and also the situation involving his real family.

Shameless is a fascinating show in so many ways in terms of how they focus on social issues that are important, while also not dramatically altering its core DNA, either. It is a firm reminder that a great television show can be both funny and also speak to something more. Santiago is a kid who is just trying to find a way to make it in life by any means — this story speaks a lot to his work ethic, but also his survival instinct. He’s young, but he’s already more hard-nosed than almost any other character on this show. When you think about it, the kid is more or less a polar opposite to Frank, who doesn’t want to work at all and be rewarded as though he’s making millions.

Will the Santiago storyline be resolved this season? That’s something that’s hard to make a lot of sense of at present. We do think that Kevin wants to make him a part of his larger family, but there is that underlying sadness there because he knows his real family is out there and his attempts to help him have already gone up in flames. There are also so many other stories going on at the moment this season that we’re not just sure how much time there will be to wrap things up.

In the end, though, we’re certainly excited to see how the producers of Shameless want to take on this story … provided, of course, that they really want to go into some interesting, thought-provoking directions rather than just keep things where they are. There is so much in terms of interesting material to mine here.

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