Shameless season 9 episode 10 return date for Emmy Rossum, cast

ShamelessAre you excited to check out Shameless season 9 episode 10 on Showtime? We hope so, but you’re also going to have to wait for it.

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Because of next week being the Super Bowl, Showtime is understandably deciding to put the Emmy Rossum series on ice for a week. While we know that the series is not as reliant on live viewership as many ad-supported series are, this is still a move that makes a good bit of sense. They don’t want to be in a position, after all, where they loose a lot of buzz because everyone is focused on something else. The last thing that any show ultimately wants is to be forgotten. That’s especially true here given that Shameless has somewhat of an uncertain future. While the end of this season will accommodate the departure of Rossum’s character of Fiona, there is no indication out there that it will be the final season. Apparently there is still a drive to keep things going, or at least some conversations about the idea.

Below, CarterMatt also has the official Shameless season 9 episode 10 synopsis with some other insight as to what’s coming up next:

Frank meets his match in a fellow participant in the Hobo Loco competition; Fiona has a dark encounter at Patsy’s that scares her into cleaning up her act; Debbie throws herself into home improvements as she gets closer with Kelly.

There’s a lot of really fun stuff that is clearly within this upcoming episode, but we’re also going to get a chance to see potentially the one thing that will bring Fiona a little bit closer to a happier time in her life. She’s been on a downward spiral since losing both Ford and also her entire business empire, other than of course the restaurant. It’s going to take something dramatic to get her on the right path again and based on some of what we’re hearing about here, it’s possible that this could be it.

As for some of the other storylines that are coming, it almost goes without saying that Frank Gallagher is probably going to land himself in a little bit of trouble. At this point, it’s largely his calling card.

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