NCIS season 16 episode 13 video: Is Ziva David really dead?

NCISIs NCIS getting set to drop one of its biggest surprises in the entire history of the series? The latest promo may be putting that question out into the universe.

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If you look below, you can see the official extended promo for Tuesday night’s episode “She” — there are ten extra seconds in this one from the one we first posted on Super Bowl Sunday, and there’s a little more context to what is going on. Apparently, the team is close to uncovering an enormous secret when it comes to Cote de Pablo’s character, and there is one part of this that really raises an eyebrow: Nick Torres uttering “Ziva David is dead.”

Is that really the case? While we’ve long held on to the theory that she could be somewhere out there (it’s still hard to imagine that Ziva would’ve died the way in which she supposedly did), it’s still rather remarkable for the CBS series to do much of anything to actually make us think the character is still out there.

Note that this promo doesn’t actually offer much in the way of verification that Ziva is alive — yet, the mere notion of Torres saying this suggests that someone on the team may think the opposite. Or, it’s possible, that he is saying this as a means of trying to reassure himself that despite what evidence is in front of him, it may not be wholly accurate. With the trail of clues that the team encounters within this episode, it’s possible that they will think that Ziva is alive. One of the things that is certainly rather strange is to see characters like Bishop, Torres, and Sloane take center stage within this promo when none of them were actually on the show back when Cote was a series regular — so what we are mores wondering is where’s the reaction from McGee on this? We do at least get one from Gibbs at the end, but come on, McGee would certainly have something to say on this.

Basically, expect this episode to throw you for some loops as the writers potentially execute one of their most dramatic creative swings that we’ve seen from them. After the sort of hype that they are putting out there, you really have to hope that they don’t disappoint.

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