NCIS season 16 episode 13 promo hypes up big Ziva secret

NCISDuring tonight’s Super Bowl LIII broadcast, CBS aired a new NCIS season 16 episode 13 promo — one that brought Ziva’s name front and center.

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The promo that aired during the big game tonight was short, but there was one major theme to it: A secret from former series mainstay Ziva David. There’s something about her past that not everyone knows about, and based on the promotional material that is out there, it is tied to an old case. It is Ellie Bishop who initially discovers something with this case, and Gibbs (judging from the end of the promo) is upset about whatever is discovered. This is something that will hopefully be spelled out more as we get a little bit closer to this episode airing. Unfortunately, for the time being, CBS hasn’t released too much information about it online in video form. As of this writing, the promo is not available online and it pretty much caught us off-guard when it aired. Typically CBS doesn’t release NCIS promos until a week before the episodes air but we have the promo for you below.

So why bring back Ziva’s case to the show now? It’s an interesting choice, given that Cote de Pablo first left the show years ago. Beyond just that, the character is seemingly dead … seemingly. There was never the discovery of the body, and for us – no body no death in TV land (and sometimes even if there is a body that still means nothing). Tony is now with her daughter, and that tied into the end of that character’s time on the show. While many have been hoping that Ziva will actually be on this episode, there’s been not even a peep of her filming anything new for the show and with how heavily they seem to be pushing the Ziva case as a plot, we should be shocked if Cote de Pablo was returning and CBS was sitting on it.

The one thing that we do hope from this episode is that it doesn’t do anything to tarnish the work that Ziva did on the show alongside the rest of the team. We do understand wanting to come up with some ways to tap into the past for February sweeps, but we also know how much that character was loved — she significantly helped in the series becoming the most-watched all over the world and there are still people saddened by her eventual exit (us included).

Alas, it’s going to be a while still until NCIS season 16 episode 13 airs — despite being originally planned for Tuesday night, it has been delayed because of the State of the Union Address. It is now going to be airing come Tuesday, February 12. Hopefully, this will prove to be worth the wait.

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What sort of secret do you think will be highlighted on NCIS season 16 episode 13? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments. Of course, we’ll have more scoop leading up to the new episode airing. (Photo: CBS.)

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