America’s Got Talent: The Champions review: Shin Lim, Sal Valentinetti, more

America's Got Talent: The ChampionsTonight, America’s Got Talent: The Champions is delivering its final round 1 show, of course, there’s excitement around that! There are ten more acts and only two of them are going to make it to the final round. Be sure refresh this article throughout, as we’ll have more discussion all about it!

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Attraction – Let’s start tonight with the shadow-dancing group and Britain’s Got Talent champions, who delivered something here that is an utter thing of beauty. While there are some other shadow-dancing groups out there, they still bring something different to the table.

Jackie Evancho – She’s back! She lost the show almost a decade ago, and she probably is one of the best contestants to never win. The big thing working against her is simply that there are so many other singers in the finale already and she may be penalized unfairly by that. She is brilliant as a performer, though — there’s no question.

Colin Cloud – He’s a fantastic mentalist and one of the best at his craft out there — he’s also gotten so much better since the last time we saw him. We do think that he’s immensely successful outside of the show and really, that’s what makes his future on here not matter. Also, bonus points for that David Hasselhoff appearance!

Lost Voice Guy – He’s great — he was exceptional on Britain’s Got Talent and he was equally exceptional here. He finds the humor in super-dark times and is able to deliver a comedic experience that is so different and unique. You’re not going to see something like this on virtually any other show out there.

Sal Valentinetti – He’s got a tremendous voice and what he does is so different than most singers these days — yet, it’s the same issue we talked about with Jackie a little bit earlier. He’s going to be just fine with his career, but it was hard to see him winning this show.

Tokio Myers – He’s more than just a brilliant pianist — he’s one of the strongest musicians and performers that we’ve had a chance to see. He’s so creative when it comes to how he uses the stage and also how he creates an experience to go along with it.

Kseniya Simonova – This was a really beautiful, moving performance — it was so unique and so simple, and we can’t think of a more deserving, unique act to get a Golden Buzzer. Read more about her selection over here.

Cosentino – What a great escape artist! We didn’t know him all that well entering the show tonight, but he really proved himself as a legitimate threat with something that was intense and highly dramatic — we don’t think most America had any clue who he was going into the show tonight, but he delivered.

Sons of Serendip – They’re a wonderful group, so why is it that they never get the attention or respect they deserve? There’s just something missing for this show and it’s hard to explain what it is. Sometimes, fame just doesn’t hit specific people for some reason.

Shin Lim – He wrapped things up and it shouldn’t be any surprise that he was fantastic! He was the reigning champ and of course, he wanted to deliver something worthy of that title. From start to finish, this was a winning performance.

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