Supernatural 300th episode photo: The John Winchester reunion

SupernaturalThe Supernatural 300th episode is set to arrive your way on Thursday, February 7, and a reunion is at the center of it. As a matter of fact, the reunion (featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s John Winchester) is probably the #1 thing that you’ve seen promoted more so than anything else at this point!

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The image above is one of your first looks at this said reunion, and it gives us a chance to see the entire Winchester family in one room. It’s been over a decade since Morgan appeared as the character, so obviously, there is quite a bit that the family needs to catch on and there is also quite a bit that needs to be resolved.

If you think back to a lot of milestone/event episodes we have seen with this show in the past, there is a significant undercurrent that exists within them: Craziness. A lot of them are particularly meta or contain something that is brilliantly imaginative and over-the-top even for this show. This time around, the sentiment entering the episode feels a tad different. It’s a little less about being off-the-wall and a little bit more about staying on the ground. It’s about working through some difficult, emotional situations and trying to find the peace buried underneath. Based on the information that is out there, this may specifically affect Sam.

The idea of this episode is to deliver some fun Easter eggs from the past, and then also some closure for the future. It puts Sam and Dean in a place so that they don’t have this ghost haunting them at every step anymore. It could be painful at times and we don’t think that this reunion is going to be happy for every single second of it; we just hope that Morgan’s return is a substantial one. We don’t necessarily expect him to be present for more than a single episode, but at the same time there is a clear difference between being in a few scenes and then being around for the entirety of the episode. You want to make the most of the time you have Morgan; it’s going to be hard to bring him back given the commitments that he has already on The Walking Dead.

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