Criminal Minds season 14 finale: First look at Rossi’s wedding!

Criminal MindsMrs. Carter: Are you ready to see Rossi and Krystall’s wedding on the upcoming Criminal Minds season 14 finale?

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Come a week from Wednesday (think February 6), the latest batch of episodes for the CBS series is going to conclude with at least one potentially-happy moment. This is a wonderful way in which to conclude some of the story that we have all seen since the start of the season, one that showed David making a firm conclusion as to what he wanted from the rest of his life.

Throughout his upcoming big day, you are going to see a number of happy, celebratory moments — and also a good bit of BAU involvement. The Criminal Minds family will be present to help celebrate Rossi and Krystall’s union, and this will be one of those rare opportunities to see all of them outside of work.

As wonderful as this ceremony is, though, there is one other thing worth noting here — this is still Criminal Minds. Because of that, this episode will feature yet another UnSub and a lot of danger. One of the things that is fairly commonplace when it comes to crime-TV weddings is that an episode is never exclusively about the ceremony itself. It’s almost always combined with some other element, mostly so that you get a good sense of variety. Also, there is a certain element of Criminal Minds that viewers expect to see week in and week out — intense action and a dangerous UnSub. It’s a little bit dangerous for the creative team to separate themselves from this for too long of a period of time.

Beyond the wedding, could there be a cliffhanger?

It’s the sort of thing that impossible to rule out, largely due to the fact that there have been so many others over the years. I know that Criminal Minds has a season 15 now, but were the writers really confident about that at the time in which the finale was written? That could be a key component to some of what they decided going into the episode. There’s going to be some romance, but also some drama every step of the way.

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What do you want to see when it comes to Rossi’s wedding on the Criminal Minds season 14 finale? Share some of your thoughts now below, and stay tuned for some other news on the series. (Photo: CBS.)

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