Celebrity Big Brother 2 episode 4 review: Was Jonathan Bennett evicted?

Jonathan BennettTonight, Celebrity Big Brother 2 held its first eviction of the season — and there was certainly room for some drama going into it!

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First and foremost, we did have the news about Mooch’s departure — you can read a little bit more news over at the link here, but the basic summary here is that he was never a real houseguest. He was there seemingly to just stir things up and then unleash a second Power of Veto on the house. His departure meant that there was an open spot on the block, and Ryan Lochte then had to put up Kandi Burruss in his place.

Mooch’s Veto – This was all about answering various true / false questions when it comes to Scaramucci’s time in the house. The first person with the correct guess ended up getting the Veto, and that was … Kato Kaelin! He took his time getting it, and then he acted like a complete fool after the fact.

After Kato won this Veto, it did put the rest of the houseguests in a position where they had to scramble and campaign. Tom Green formed an official final two with him and following that, Ryan nominated Joey Lawrence after Kato removed Tom. Why? This was a move to throw Lolo Jones off the scent that he was closer to Joey than he was to her. It didn’t really work in the slightest.

We didn’t really see a heck of a lot of strategic talk leading up to the vote, which shouldn’t be a shock given the fact that there was SO much content in here from start to finish. Yet, it was clear via the live feeds that Jonathan would be leaving the game. Despite his speech about wanting to be a part of the team, it didn’t matter since most of the house went ahead and voted out Jonathan anyway. Even Tamar, who talked about wanting to get rid of Kandi most of the week, voted out Jonathan.

Funny observation of the night: Even the celebrities are still desperate to give shout-outs in the diary room after their votes! It really never ends with these people.

Credit to Jonathan, who was an extremely good sport about his eviction. He recognized that his alliance with Ryan was a mistake, but there were so many more problems in that he fought too hard and probably shouldn’t have fought to protect Dina in the game.

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What did you think about tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother episode, and the eviction that took place at the end of it? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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