America’s Got Talent: The Champions review: Paul Potts, Samuel J. Comroe, and more

America's Got Talent: The Champions

Tonight, America’s Got Talent: The Champions is back with its third performance show! Odds are, you know the rules and understand how this version of the show works by now. The goal of this particular article is just to update you on some of the acts.

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DJ Arch Jr – He’s the youngest DJ out there, and he did bring a lot of energy to the room. We don’t exactly think that he is going to be advancing to the next round by anything that he did here, but he was fun and he deserved his chance.

Darcy Oake – He’s a super-talented magician — while we’ve all seen the levitation trick done before, there’s something about how he did it that was so slick and polished. He was able to create a world of wonder and did something worthy of a genuine, professional magic show.

Angelica Hale – She got the Golden Buzzer! We wrote about that over here. She is sensational at what she does, so we cannot say anything negative about this in the slightest. She did a unique arrangement of a song everyone knows.

Tom Cotter – We’re a little bit mad about the fact that Tom got buzzed by Simon Cowell — his jokes were a little bit predictable, but at the same time we don’t think that someone should get the X on this show since you work so hard to get there.

Prince Poppycock – We’ve missed the Prince. He was sensational the first time he was on the show, and we’d like to say that he was triumphant! We know that he can do opera, but we like that he did something that was a little bit more uptempo in “The Edge of Glory.” He’s pure camp in a lot of ways, but there’s nobody quite like the Prince.

Ryan Stock and AmberLynn – These two are nuts, but they’re the good kind of nuts for this show. They did up the danger to new heights and they actually completed successfully what went wrong during the live shows. We still can’t believe that there was a sword-swallowing and also a flaming arrow in the same stunt!

Samuel J. Comroe – He’s a brilliant comedian and beyond that, he seems like a genuinely fun comedian. The difference between him and Tom is that it does feel like he’s doing material that is a little bit wild and is bringing something different to the table than what we’ve seen before. We would’ve never thought about a pink suitcase as a subject of humor but, here we are.

Paul Potts – A brilliant opera singer — seriously. He’s one of the best opera singers that has ever been on any edition of this show. He’s slick, he’s skilled, and he’s super-professional. He doesn’t really need the show, but there does bring quite a bit to the table.

Jon Dorenbos – He’s got a great story and, beyond that, he’s a great magician in his own ride. He does something that just inspires other people and that makes him mesmerizing. We do think that the voting public loves him … though they don’t really get to vote.

Billy & Emily England – Both are spectacular at what they do, and that is do these dangerous skating routines where they are really pushing themselves to the physical limit. By the end of this, it was fair to wonder if they had raised the game … but it was still hard to picture them as winners.

To check out some results from tonight, be sure to visit the link here.

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