Supernatural 300th episode: Jeffrey Dean Morgan on John Winchester’s return

Supernatural season 13 posterOn Thursday, February 7, the Supernatural 300th episode is going to air on The CW — and it’s going to be epic. You probably knew that from the moment Jeffrey Dean Morgan was involved. For the first time in ten years, the actor is back as John Winchester, and while the circumstances around the return are a little bit hazy, Morgan is looking forward to the idea of giving the Winchester family a little bit of closure.

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Speaking as a part of a new Entertainment Weekly cover story, Morgan explains the importance of John within this world, and especially with Sam after all that he has been through:

I think it means the world to John certainly. And also for me, the actor that plays John, I think it means almost equally as much. There’s always been a need for closure with these characters and their father, especially with Jared’s character. Kid’s a disaster because of his father apparently. [Laughs]  My thing was always, if I come back, I gotta fix that. There’s gotta be an opportunity to mend that relationship and I think that that’s hopefully what the audience is anticipating.

But it always bugged me that the John that I played is different than the John that has been portrayed since I haven’t been around. I really wanted the opportunity to be able to come back and make amends in a way and try to fix the sullied name of this character. But more than that, it’s three friends, life lived. It feels like we’ve been friends for a lifetime now, getting to reunite in a place that we love and that we met and do what we do and I think that is super cool. So not only does John win in getting to come back and see his boys and Mary again and hopefully make some amends, it’s just as cool for me, the actor, to be able to come back and see everybody.

Morgan also talks in the interview about the mechanics of him coming back in the first place — it’s a gig he’s long been interested in playing again provided the story was right, and the return came about thanks in part to a phone call from Jensen Ackles asking him to come back. Luckily, the timing worked out given The Walking Dead wasn’t in production, and from there everyone worked together to get the right story together.

We think that the 300th episode is a gift to Supernatural fans who have long been loyal to the show; it’s certainly not the same series that it was a decade ago, but it does have the same core and the same heart. We do think that this episode will showcase that, and also presumably set a new tone for the remainder of this season (if not longer).

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