Gotham season 5: When will Cameron Monaghan’s third character surface?

Gotham season 4 episode 21Even though Cameron Monaghan may not be a series regular on Gotham season 5, he is going to have a huge role on the story moving forward. His character of Jeremiah has a prominent role, and this comes on the heels of him playing Jerome on and off for the first few seasons of the show.

Yet, the craziest thing here is that there’s another, even-more exciting character that Monaghan is playing in the final season. You won’t be seeing them until the end of the season, but Monaghan made it clear that this was his favorite character to play. Is this going to be a totally new person, or a different evolution of Jeremiah? We feel like it’s more the former, but that’s just because much of the discussion seems to suggest that it’s someone separate.

One thing that Monaghan did confirm to Entertainment Weekly, though, is that this character (whoever they may be) is not going to be a sibling to Jeremiah or Jerome. There is no triplet that is out there.

Meanwhile, the tale of Jeremiah himself is rather straightforward this year:

“We’re seeing a very linear story arc with Jeremiah. Our point A is where we left off last season and our point B is a huge jump and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Who is the third character?

More than likely, it is the Joker in a traditional sense given that DC would probably authorize a more-official use of the character for at least an episode or so (they’ve been rather protective of him otherwise). What would be totally cool in our mind is if the show never actually confirms that the Joker is Jeremiah, which raises further questions about where he came from and creates a little bit more of a mystery around his origin. (We think that the best variations of Joker over the years are the ones where you don’t understand every little thing about them.)

We absolutely think that Monaghan has earned the right to play a more-official version of the Joker. Just think about the investment that he’s put into these characters, let alone the positive reviews that we’ve seen.

Of course, we do think that if Monaghan’s performance as this third character / The Joker (if it turns out that way) is as popular as we think it’ll be, it’ll probably increase the demand to have him involved in future variations in a big way.

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