Gotham season 5 episode 2 video: Gordon pays Barbara a visit

GothamGotham season 5 episode 2 is going to air on Fox come Thursday night, and with that, there’s going to be a big surprise: Jim Gordon paying a visit to Barbara Kean. The two have quite the history, but moving into this upcoming episode we’re going to see them in an interesting spot: Possibly working together. Gordon needs something from her and with that, he’s going to pay her a visit in hopes of securing it.

Unfortunately for him, Barbara may not be in an altogether-helpful mood … not that we thought she actually would be given that she just lost someone she cared about dearly in Tabitha. You have to imagine that there’s going to be a little bit of blowback that stems from that and you could have an opportunity to see a little of this play out over the course of the upcoming episode — at least at first. Barbara wants revenge and if she cannot get it here, it seems like she’s fine with dying giving it her all.

The thing about Gotham is mostly that this is a city totally in decay and we don’t think all that many people have a feeling that they are going to make it to the other side actually in one piece. That’s why we are imagining that the next few episodes are going to be so interesting. There is a looseness that may be there with some of these characters that wasn’t before as they do everything that they can in order to reinforce some of their power and stake their claim on the world.

If Jim can convince Barbara to help him, it is going to be a major boon in his quest to figure out how to make Gotham a little bit safer. The fact that he’s even going to her for help is a pretty-clear signal of the state of the city as a whole right now. We already know her to be extremely unreliable and very much unpredictable + interested in plenty of power and control. This is not someone you can really bank on for just about anything, especially when you are thinking about things in terms of the state of an entire city. Yet, she may be so desperate for revenge or at least a solid plan that she can execute it later. That’s what Gordon has to hope for.

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