The Masked Singer video: Who is the Poodle, the Alien, & the Raven?

The Masked SingerAs we move into The Masked Singer episode 2, why not ask a few more questions when it comes to the Raven, the Poodle, the Alien, and some others?

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If you look below, you can check out a new video teaser of all of the different characters you will be meeting in episode 2 — and we also have our own breakdown of them to go along with it.

Rabbit – He’s got a camera and with that in mind, we have to assume that he is either a photographer or a model in some shape or form.

Pineapple – He’s got a microphone at one point, but the way he’s holding it makes us think that he is more of a comedian than he a professional singer. What throws us off is the emphasis on the hula dancer. Are there any Hawaiian comics out there?

Alien – The only real clue we have here is a cymbal, which makes us think that she’s a musician of some sort — or that she is tied to them in some way. Given that we haven’t seen too many clues as of yet, it’s too early to know how literally these clues should be taken.

Raven – It’s a pregnancy test! Obviously, the assumption here is that she’s pregnant — what else really needs to be said on that? Of course, The Masked Singer filmed this past summer, so we would highly recommend going back and looking at some of the people who were expecting then as opposed to right now.

Bee – You see some tennis balls, which suggests that she is involved in tennis … and of course leads us to think that this is Serena Williams. But, could the show get arguably one of the most accomplished athletes of all time? Antonio Brown’s a big name, but Serena is even bigger.

Poodle – She’s talking on a phone while there are some people dancing behind her in both business suits and swimsuits. Our feeling is that this may be some sort of business mogul / host who has multiple sides to themselves.

Obviously, The Masked Singer is not exactly giving a heck of a lot away when it comes to this episode at the moment, but come Wednesday night we’re going to come bearing some more clues and discussion! Also, we’re going to have another video — keep your eyes peeled for that.

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