The Masked Singer, Antonio Brown, and the gift that keeps on giving

The Masked SingerWe announced earlier that Fox was likely celebrating the Twitter – social media buzz for The Masked SingerNow, they’re probably pouring out the champagne thanks to the big celebrity reveal in the first episode.

As it turns out, the night’s biggest reveal was that the man in the hippo mask was none other than Pittsburgh Steelers (soon to be former Pittsburgh Steeler?) Antonio Brown, who has been at the center of quite a few headlines as of late. Brown has been the discussion of everything from trade rumors to just various stories about rifts with people on his team. Maybe doing The Masked Singer was his vacation from all of that? Can he just retire and go into the music business now?

The reality here is that Brown likely filmed this appearance many weeks ago, at a time in which none of the current drama could’ve ever been predicted. Yet, that doesn’t make the timing any less funny — or lucky for Fox. The network probably never imagined in a million years that they would get some of the publicity that they are for the show tonight and yet, here we are. They got an ace for their first show and right when we were thinking that most of the celebrities who would be featured here would be relative unknowns. Typically, that is the case for celebrity-based reality shows. Yet, we imagine that the appeal here has to just be the opportunity to come on for an episode and engage in a little bit of fun. Then, on the other side of it you can just take off and do some other things … like football.

Beyond just the sudden newsworthiness of Brown, the other appeal for The Masked Singer getting him tonight was that it offered us a perfect opportunity to show viewers that anyone could be under those masks. Given that nobody really thinks of Antonio as a singer, it was a perfect cover for the Hippo Mask mystery for the majority of the night. We’ll see whether or not they can match that moving forward this season, but we certainly do think that the Fox show really was able to up its game with this reveal.

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