Siren season 2 episode 2 review: The leader of the pack

Siren season 2If you wanted to see mermaids on Siren season 2 they surely delivered! We have Ryn, we have the guy who killed Xander’s dad, we had the siren who was the leader and had to relinquish power to Ryn, we have Donna’s daughter and a few others we haven’t had a chance to get to know yet. As for the reason all of these sirens have come to land it’s all due to a drilling company that is disrupting the ocean life with sound waves as they scan the ocean floor for oil. It’s killing sirens and other ocean life and Ben, Maddie and Helen aren’t sure exactly what to do yet.

Ben in rehab

Ben has decided to join a support group of addicts to see if there is a way to get over his obsession of Ryn, but didn’t see that Maddie’s mother was at the group and thought that he was talking about her daughter. She’s worried about Maddie dating an addict after having to live with her mother being one, but she’s been back in Maddie’s life for a minute and they aren’t even together at this point so she needs to just slow her jets a bit and earn her spot back in maddie’s life.

What to do with the siren squad?

Speaking of Maddie, she and Ben are back on speaking terms after everything that’s happened with the oil company and through out the episode we saw them bonding and even smiling with one another again. Ben learned that the oil company is mapping one thousand square miles of ocean and that it’s going to take them 8 months to finish, meaning that the sirens that are with them can’t go back until it’s over.

Our bigger question is how are they going to stay on land that long since most of them have never been on land yet and as we saw with Ryn the first season once they are out of water too long they get sick. While they can stay longer and longer each time they come to land, Ryn only lasted a few days that first time – not 8 months. We didn’t expect this issue to come up so fast, but already some of the Sirens are seeing their skin starting to flake and Donna’s daughter is getting sick fast.

The crew has to figure out what to do since these sirens can’t go back to their part of the water and other packs of sirens each claim their own parts of the ocean – very territorial. Ben has mapped out a part of the water that he thinks will have less sound waves at least long enough so they can heal and come back.

While Ben goes to the water so Ryn can check it out, he leaves Maddie with the sirens. While she’s teaching a few of them about fire, the ex-leader of the pack grabs some spears and leaves with Donna’s daughter. When they are in the woods fishing, Donna’s daughter collapses and Maddie finds them bringing them back to the cabin for safety.

Once it’s dark out they bring all the sirens to the shallow part of the water for them to go into and then come back out. After a short issue with some party goers they are able to get out of the water, but not before Xander learns that the siren that killed his dad is among them. Add to that him getting turned down for a bank loan to get his boat on the water again and he’s spiraling once again. The cherry on top of course is this Nicole person who’s latched on to him to learn more about Decker and the sirens and now that Xander has turned into a mess we know that’s when he likes to start blabbing. Come on Xander, get it together!

Ryn and the ex-leader have a disagreement and Ryn kicks her out of the pack – now she is in the wild and pissed off. When she returns to the cabin the next day its with a dead wolf that she throws at Ryn’s feet. Seems the gauntlet has been thrown once again.

The Calvin cliffhanger that went no where

If you were wondering how that big Calvin cliffhanger from season 1 was going to play out we saw that tonight! If you remember he made a call to a news outlet to share his video of the siren, but when the reporter actually looked at the dark and difficult to determine footage and then heard that Calvin wants to “sell the story” Calvin was left at the bar with nothing.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We have really been missing the relationships of our core three so seeing Ben, Ryn and Maddie working to help the other sirens (and Ben teaching Ryn how to drive) was so much fun to watch. It’s the first time we’ve seen Ben happy and laughing in a while  – also the first time we’ve seen Ryn try to replicate a laugh which will give us nightmares for weeks. Does his feelings have to do with her siren song or is there something really between them is the biggest question left on the table from this episode that we hope will be fleshed out this season.

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