Outlander season 4 episode 10: Show exec on Roger’s big decision

OutlanderTonight, Outlander season 4 episode 10 concluded with quite the cliffhanger, and it’s certainly one that raises questions on the future.

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Will Roger end up going back into the past? This is a question that we do certainly have to wonder based on the end of the episode? He’s left in a precarious position and faced with an enormous decision, given his discovery of standing stones at the end of the episode. This could offer up a chance for him to escape danger (and the Mohawk tribe) in order to have a stable future. Yet, if he does this, it raises some other interesting questions as to whether or not he will be able to actually spend some more time with Brianna in the future. He doesn’t know where she is or, beyond that, what is happening to her. If he makes a decision, he’s doing it not knowing whatsoever what is happening with the woman he loves.

So what went behind making ending this episode with this particular scene? That is something that executive producer Maril Davis discussed in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“We wanted to show that he’s questioning going back … We wanted to show that he was physically and emotionally torn, that there was this thought of, ‘Should I go back?’ Quite honestly, I don’t know if anyone would blame him at this point. The question is, is his love for Brianna greater than his desire to leave this all behind and go home? He’s in the hands of the Mohawk now and doesn’t know what’s going to happen. We’ll have to wait and see what he chooses.”

One logical argument for Roger to pack his bags and go home is more or less this: Isn’t he going to have an opportunity down the line in order to see Brianna gain if he does? If he was to assume that she was going to head back to her own timeline, it certainly feels that way. Yet, he cannot make that presumption. Knowing the man we know Roger to be, our feeling is that he would never go back to his present without knowing that she is okay. While Roger can be impulsive at times and temperamental, we know him to be someone who often finds the right way to move forward … even if it takes him a little while first. We feel like that’ll be the case here again.

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