Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 11 review: Justice for Joe; Steve, Catherine’s revelations

Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 11Tonight, Hawaii Five-0 was about, in part, a quest for revenge. Luckily, Steve McGarrett had some friends in powerful places in order to ensure he got the job done.

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This episode was compared in some ways to the Hawaii Five-0 version of The Expendables ahead of it airing — after watching it, we definitely understand that completely. This episode started off with McGarrett getting some help in avenging Joe’s death from a wide array of familiar faces, whether it be Danny, Wade, Catherine, Junior, or Harry. This was a team of people who excel in taking on difficult operations and because of that, they felt capable of taking on any challenge to get to the parties responsible.

What did some of that entail this time? Think in terms of everything from interrogation to an undercover casino mission to, eventually, a building infiltration and a violent shootout. That’s where eventually, Steve was able to find the man behind the attacks — the son of a man McGarrett killed with the SEAL Team many years ago. This was a man who, when confronted, seemed to think that he had Steve cornered. After all, he had backup!

Yet, it just so turned out that Steve also had backup, mostly thanks to Harry. He had his own backup and that was enough in order to ensure that McGarrett’s team was able to get out of that location in one piece.

What happened with Greer?

It turns out that Greer actually met Catherine years before, and gave her some advice when she was early on in her relationship with Steve. It wasn’t advice she took, but it was advice nonetheless.

At the end of the episode, after they were safe, Catherine and Steve were able to track down Greer halfway around the world. While there, Catherine ended up killing her before she could do anything to Steve. What was fascinating about this episode is that both Steve and Catherine learned something about each other here. For Steve, he learned about Catherine and Greer. Meanwhile, Joe told Steve years ago that he should ask Catherine out.

The case back in Hawaii

Back on the island, we had a chance to see a good mystery with Tani, Adam, and Grover working to find out who was willing to kill over a number of bones left in a storage locker. Do we wish that there was a little bit more time spent on this? Sure, but there also wasn’t a ton of available time in this episode!

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a great midseason premiere for Hawaii Five-0 and also one that really tributed Joe in a nice way. We also do think that it did inch us closer to potentially something more for Steve and Catherine down the road. We’ve seen her return before where the romantic undertones were a little bit lighter. Here, it felt a little more overt. They’re not back together, but this episode brought you a lot of Steve – Catherine content in addition to the fantastic action sequences and a whole lot more.

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