Should The Amazing Race ever do another full-fledged All-Star season?

Amazing Race 30 return dateIf you’re a big fan of The Amazing Race, then you may be aware already of how deep in the trenches you are in terms of getting new episodes. The CBS show isn’t premiering at midseason, much as it did in 2018. Instead, you’re going to be currently waiting until May to get it back! This could be the first time that the US and the Canadian versions of the show are airing at a relatively-similar time of the year; they probably won’t air at the same time, though, and the overlap may just be a few weeks.

The thing that is well-known about season 31 of the series is that you’re going to be seeing teams built up of former Survivor, Big Brother, and Amazing Race contestants — it’s basically a way for CBS to boost the show’s ratings by casting familiar faces, and it makes sense that they would want to given that Survivor and Big Brother have bigger audiences and the hope is that you can use this show to get it some extra fans. (Of course, the counter-intuitive part of this is that some of these reality stars will be even less notable than they are now when the new season actually premieres — there aren’t any Big Brother alum from this past season, for example, as the show was already filming before they got out of the house.)

What we wonder more at the moment is this: Is their value in actually doing another full Amazing Race all-star season? It feels a little weird to just split the season between three different shows, especially when The Amazing Race itself certainly has enough notable teams from the past who could come back in some shape or form.

To be frank, though, we don’t see it happening and at this point, we should just be grateful that we’re getting more of this show at all. The huge problem with The Amazing Race, and probably why its ratings are never as strong as the other shows mentioned here, is that it’s harder for teams of two to be memorable as opposed to a single reality TV character. The Race is also much more procedure-based than Survivor or Big Brother, where the contestants create a whole lot more of the narrative themselves with their gameplay. They have more opportunities to stand out. This is why a lot of the Amazing Race returning teams are often of either a specific character type or are just such huge personalities that they are impossible to forget.

So, when the dust settles, this sort of hybrid season is probably the best chance we’ve got to see Amazing Race alum return and in all honesty, we still prefer the seasons of all-new racers in the first place. It’s a chance to see new blood and there’s something less exciting about watching people who’ve already been through it.

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