Outlander season 4 episode 9: Is Jamie, Brianna meeting season’s #1 moment?

OutlanderWe’re gearing up for Outlander season 4 episode 9 airing this weekend on Starz, and we don’t think we can sell its importance enough. The meeting between Jamie and Brianna has already been confirmed in the synopsis for this episode, and it’s certainly been hinted at in the promo for what lies ahead. (If you watch the show via the app, you’re going to have a chance to see it all play out in a relatively short period of time!)

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What we’re the most curious about at the moment is simply this: Is this the most-anticipated moment of the season? It’s certainly an iconic moment; it’s hard to question that. You’re effectively bringing two different parts of Claire’s life together after more than a season (plus also a couple decades plus) of separation.

Of course, this season is also littered with a number of other hype-worthy moments, whether it be Jamie and Claire arriving at Fraser’s Ridge, Brianna deciding to go back into the past, seeing Roger find Bree in the past (it was joyous for at least a brief period of time), and then of course the surprising return of Murtagh. It was a little bit harder to anticipate the latter, given that this character is already dead in the books.

But with Brianna meeting Jamie, what you are doing is effectively unlocking new parts of these characters’ personalities and shaking up the central dynamic of the show in an interesting way. Jamie’s rarely had opportunities to genuinely be a parent — there was the story with William earlier this year, but in the public eye, Lord John Grey is actually his father. Meanwhile, Brianna considers Frank, understandably, to be her father since he loved her and raised her. These two are going to have to figure out how to coexist in the same place if Brianna is going to be around a while, and the two may have a number of disagreements. They live in different timelines and with that, certainly have different viewpoints on the world. There could be humor and excitement in their meeting, but also potential conflict down the line.

For us, this upcoming moment is the one we’ve been looking forward to the most. It’s coming later in the season than last season’s most-anticipated moment in our mind (the Print Shop reunion), and we’re absolutely curious if seeing these two characters meet for the first time will be something that spikes up the ratings for the casual crowd who watch the show via traditional means on Starz.

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Where do you think the Jamie – Brianna meeting ranks among the top moments entering Outlander season 4 episode 9? Share now in the comments. (Photo: Starz.)

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