Gotham season 5 spoilers: Will Jeremiah become more like Jerome?

GothamAs we enter Gotham season 5, the impression that we got of Jeremiah was that he was a bit more calculating than his brother Jerome. This was someone who carefully plotted some of the explosions in the city and beyond that, did everything that he could in order to cause calculated destruction.

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While Jeremiah was many things over the course of the fourth season, one thing that he wasn’t was chaotic and insane. That could be changing at least to a certain extent. Speaking via, here is some of what the man behind the role in Cameron Monaghan had to say:

“I’ve enjoyed them both for different reasons … It was cool with Jerome how it was so heightened and kind of cartoony and insane and I could go in any direction with it because he was just this weird ball of destructive energy. It’s nice with Jeremiah to find some glimpses of humanity within him and to bring him back and to make him colder and more chilling in his [methods]. I’m also doing something a little different with this season as we’re continuing to develop the character than where he was at last. He was very systematic and completely irrational last season. Now … he’s starting to lose his sanity and he’s slipping away without even realizing that he is. He has too much of an ego to realize that he’s slipping. I get to play around more and move around more within the character and I’m having a bunch of fun with this part, too, and also where it’s going is extremely exciting and I can’t wait to hit a couple of these story weeks that are coming up.”

A big part of the appeal for the Jeremiah character moving forward may just be the opportunity to see the multiple parts of his personality mix together. Given that the character is meant to be the parallel of the Joker from Batman, we imagine that there are some qualities from that character that will rise to the forefront. The Joker in the comics was in some ways a combination of Jeremiah and Jerome — while he did have an element of chaos to him, at the same time he was also very specific with some of his plans and his end goals. Taking on Bruce Wayne and Batman was a very important part of that. We’re not going to be getting Batman within the present-day storyline for the show, but we imagine that Bruce will remain very much a subject of fascination for him.

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