Gotham season 5 episode 1: Bruce, Gordon talk about city’s suffering

GothamGotham season 5 episode 1 is coming onto Fox come Thursday, January 3, and the new sneak peek details one thing more than anything: Suffering. There’s a lot of it going on in Gotham and beyond that, there’s no guarantee it could end at any point in the near future. It’s hard to guarantee anything when you know where the show is eventually going with Batman.

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The sneak peek below for the premiere episode does give you a small Batman tease, at least in the form of a spotlight that could serve as the Bat-signal down the line. Beyond just that, though, it gives you a good sense of the collaboration between James Gordon and Bruce Wayne. A lot has changed for them since the start of the series, and they’ve evolved into something that feels a little bit more like a partnership than anything else.

For Gordon, he realizes that the city is in peril and the GCPD is one of the few lines of defense that is left in order to keep people safe. There just aren’t many options for a number of these people at this point, given the simple fact that the government has basically turned a blind eye to the city. The perception of it is almost akin to a weed that someone is just waiting to dry out and wither. Nobody really seems to want it there anymore.

Yet, neither Bruce and Gordon want to give up and this preview makes it clear that neither has any intention of doing just that. They’re going to keep fighting and we imagine, as a result of this, that we’re going to see a heck of a lot of great stuff for them moving forward — Bruce already has Lucius Fox working to further aid the police, and we feel like in due time, Bruce will do what he can himself.

Make no mistake — Bruce is still far from being Batman. Yet, at the same time this is a kid who is ready and willing to do just about whatever he can in order to help the city. He’s got a good bit of resources at his disposal, and Alfred has certainly done what he can in order to properly train the boy in combat. He’s going to be one of the valuable sources of hope for the city, which does not exactly have many at this particular moment.

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