Gotham season 5 episode 1 video: What’s behind the blackout?

GothamGotham season 5 episode 1 is coming onto Fox in just over two weeks, and as you would imagine, there is a lot to be excited for! It’s the final season and with that, you better believe that the action is going to be moving at a fairly-rapid pace from start to finish.

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The sneak peek below from the premiere is a perfect example of what Gotham brings to the table and, beyond just this, more of the evolution of one Bruce Wayne. Think about the young man that we met at the start of the series, someone who was still grappling with an extreme amount of pain and loss of losing someone he cared about dearly. Now, contrast this version of Bruce to the one that we’re getting a chance to see now, someone who is empowered with a new sense of purpose and resolve. This is the boy who has evolved into more of a man … not a Batman yet, but he’s getting closer. He’s certainly getting better at understanding some of his surroundings.

In this preview, Bruce and Alfred are at a hospital when there is a temporary blackout … one that Bruce realizes is more than it appears to be on the surface. This is something that does need a great deal of his attention and because of that, he decides to investigate the basement after learning that there are thieves there. It may be dark down there, but he’s got some of the necessary tools in order to ensure that he can figure out his way. (Thanks to Lucius Fox!)

Basically, the Bruce that we are getting a chance to see on Gotham this season is one who is a little bit more drive and empowered than any other version of the character we’ve seen. They are someone who is certainly smart and more than capable of taking on almost any threat put in front of them. He’s not a hero yet, but he is well on his way. The city’s going to need him given that at the start of season 5, the Gotham that we’ve come to know is virtually in ruins in the aftermath of Jeremiah’s attacks in the finale. It has slipped into utter lawlessness and there are very few people who are going to be able to actually make it okay.

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