The Orville season 2: Seth MacFarlane on the series finding itself

OrvilleWe know that there are some people who watched The Orville and got on board with it immediately in the first season. However, there are also others who may have needed a little bit more time to fully understand the show and appreciate some of its merits. If you are in the latter camp, it seems as though Seth MacFarlane understands where you are coming from.

In previewing the new season in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show’s executive producer notes that there are some reasons why it took a little bit of time in order for it to find the perfect tone. A big part of that had to do with just balancing all of its different components in an hour of time as opposed to the thirty minutes he has worked with in the past on some other series:

“When you’re combining drama and comedy, particularly in an hourlong format, there’s always a bit of a learning curve and I think by the end of season 1 we really locked into what we wanted to be, and we’ve been thrilled with what we’ve done this season. I think it’s really going to surprise people in a great way.”

All indications that we’ve seen suggest that for season 2, the focus has really been on trying to find a way to make the stories bigger and better. There are more effects this time, more ambitious risks, and also new characters — plus, of course, a greater understanding of the people we already know. We’ve also seen already that Fox is very confident in the show, at least in that they have handed it a timeslot this weekend following an NFL game. This is going to allow it an opportunity to generate some big ratings from the get-go; while there’s no guarantee any of these people will stick around for the following episode a week later, the network is at least trying to give the show the best chance possible. We’re certainly confident that the series is going to have that going for it moving into the new episodes.

To be frank, we also think there’s another reason why Fox wants The Orville to do well — they’re well aware that they have gotten a near-constant amount of grief over what happened to Firefly years ago. Do you think that they really want to be responsible for canceling another space show after a very short period of time, especially one with a loyal audience? Rest assured that we be checking up on the ratings here often with our CarterMatt Ratings Watch series.

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What are you the most excited for viewers to see when it comes to The Orville season 2? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter below, and stay tuned for some other insight. (Photo: fox.)

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