The Orville season 2 video: Seth MacFarlane previews what’s ahead

The OrvilleJust in case you want a nice look at The Orville season 2 leading up to its December premiere, we’ve got it via Seth MacFarlane himself!

In the new video below courtesy of Fox, the show’s star / executive producer does his best to lay out some of what is coming up over the remainder of the season and beyond that, everything that is going to make it special. The stories are bigger this year, and beyond that it doesn’t feel like there is a real push to make the show pretty much whatever it wants to be on a given week. For example, if there’s a good adventure story for that episode, the writers can lean into that. The same goes for if there is an idea that is a little bit more akin to a romantic comedy. There’s nothing that is entirely off-limits to the creative team and that’s a good thing for a show that is very much based around the story of the week.

When it comes to this particular show, we don’t even think that there is necessarily one particular thing that the show does best. Instead, it really succeeds at pulling off surprises. The best thing about a show like this is being able to start watching an episode and not really knowing where it is going to go from start to finish. That opens up some questions and actually gives the show a little bit of room to roam. That’s something we wish that a number of other series would try to take on a little bit more — a big part of what makes The Orville work is the simple fact that it is such a throwback.

The real struggle with this series long-term is only going to be one of viewership. As the show broadens out and takes more risks, that is only going to amplify some of the pressure to deliver bigger and bigger stories every single year. That means that the show will continue to need a high budget, which means that there will need to be a rather-large viewership for it. This is why we are pushing so hard a lot of live viewing in hopes that viewers don’t just walk away from The Orville or think that they can just check it out later on the DVR. We know that this is a common perception when it comes to ratings at this point in the year, but there are some other ways to do things.

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