The Resident season 2 in 2019: Our hopes for each character!

The ResidentAs we dive into The Resident season 2 in 2019, what do we expect from some of the main characters? There’s the potential for a ton of great storytelling, and in this article we’re going to do our best to outline our hopes for all of the series regulars.

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Conrad – He has an opportunity now to build some sort of real, genuine bond with his father, which really is something that he didn’t have for the better part of his life. It’s not going to be easy for him, but this is something that he needs to put time and effort into. It could also change his entire outlook on family.

Nic – After everything that her sister has been through, caring for her should be one of her main priorities. Beyond just that, we’d like to see a little bit of a larger story outside of the hospital with her, one where we learn about her past independent from anything with Conrad.

Devon – With this character, it is really all about just finding a way to pick up the pieces. The wedding didn’t happen and, to go along with that the fate of Julian is up in the air. He’ll need to tackle these two different things and then beyond that, see what else is left for him in terms of his profession.

Mina – We really want to see her focus on climbing up the food chain at Chastain now that she is being recognized for the extraordinary talent that she is. The more we get to see her and AJ challenge each other, the better it is for the series as a whole.

AJ – We already know that The Raptor can be bold, brash, and confrontational. With that, we’re far more interested in seeing a vulnerable side to this character and precisely what that looks like. That’s why understanding more of what made him this way is critical.

Dr. Bell – He’s the head of the hospital, but how long will he stay that way? We want the show to really dive into the fallout of what Dr. Lane Hunter is threatening him with — he has to basically do the unthinkable in help to free her from prison in the hopes of saving his own hide.

Marshall – In one way, his story should be about opening up to Conrad. Yet, if he survives, it really should be about him opening up to everyone. His problems are not just with his son; they’re actually fairly widespread across the board.

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