The Resident season 2 spoilers: The story ahead for Mina, AJ

The ResidentAs we move further and further into The Resident season 2, it’s clear that there will be a lot of fun stories ahead. There’s also going to be a whole lot of drama, especially for the characters of Mina and AJ. After all, there is a rather-fascinating dynamic at the core of their relationship at the moment! These are feelings here, but in a lot of ways, they may actually be one-sided.

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Let’s spend a moment or two mapping this out. We know that AJ has some feelings for Mina, but those are complicated by a couple of different factors. First and foremost, there’s the one of Mina already being in a relationship with Micah, and we think that AJ has the wherewithal to know that trying to get with her now is a terrible idea. Beyond that, though, there’s another important issue here in that AJ is technically her superior. He’s in charge of making sure the work that she does is sufficient and this is not an era where superiors dating people working under them is supported or approved. It creates a challenging power dynamic and that’s something else that AJ will be nervous about.

In speaking a little bit more about what lies ahead for these characters to TVLine, show executive producer Todd Harthan had the following to say:

“He does not want to complicate such a meaningful and powerful professional relationship by crossing a personal line … Until they are equals and he is not her superior, he is just not comfortable crossing that line. It’s something that we’re going to play with, and it’ll give us good drama in the back half [of Season 2].”

In the end, it does feel clear that there will be a lot of interesting story for these two characters coming up, and they aren’t the only ones facing some big decisions. Devon, for example, is going to have to figure out what the future holds for him after torpedoing his wedding over some of his feelings for Julian. Meanwhile, Conrad is going to have to sift through the aftermath of whatever is happening with his father Marshall and this may force him to really confront his past in some interesting ways.

The Resident season 2 will return to fox with new episodes in the new year. for more news on what’s ahead, be sure to check out the link here.

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