Ray Donovan season 6 episode 10 video: Ray, Sam Winslow talk things out

Ray Donovan

Coming up on Ray Donovan season 6 episode 10, you are going to continue to see a very-different side to the title character than anything we have before.

As the sneak peek below reveals, Ray is going to spend a little bit of time discussing some recent events with one Sam Winslow, someone who hasn’t quite had the best relationship with him for some of the season. They are characters with complicated feelings towards one another, largely because they each have their own viewpoints on the world and what needs to be done in it.

Ultimately, though, Ray does Sam a favor in this preview, passing along to her some information that she could find useful. Of course, at the same time it is also something that benefits Ray. It’s fair to go ahead and assume that this is something mutually beneficial given that in one way or another, it helps both of them to get the crisis at the center of this season under control.

At the end of the sneak peek, though, there is something a little bit unexpected: a little bit of sympathy showed towards Ray on the part of Sam. She realized on some level that he is suffering and while his business acumen can be befeficial, he is still a person. He looks rough and like he hasn’t slept, and this is something that clearly Sam is aware of.

What’s happening beyond this sneak peek?

There are a couple different things worth noting here, starting first and foremost with Ray doing everything that he can in this episode to ensure that Bridget is safe. He’s made some controversial decisions over time here and this story could, at least in part, represent him having to pay the piper for some of these. He’s going to have to deal with the realization, once more, that his choice of profession is going to lead to a number of other being getting hurt. If he ever wants to avoid that outright, he really needs to consider getting a different sort of job.

Meanwhile, with Sam she is going to do everything that she can in order to have the election results tilted in her favor. In the end, though, remember here that what matters most for her is control. She’s not helping in the election out of generosity. She wants to have the election result that benefits her the most and is not afraid to do whatever she can in order to make certain she gets it.

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