Ray Donovan season 6 episode 10 preview: Is Bridget in danger?

Bridget DonovanAs we get closer to Ray Donovan season 6 episode 10 on Showtime next week, it’s clear that Ray is firmly at a tipping point for his life. There’s a good chance that some of his decisions will come back to bite him, including wearing a wire and also continuing to keep Bridget around without being altogether upfront with her about some of what he’s been going through.

Basically, Ray has set his daughter up for a position where she could be in danger, especially since since a few Staten Island cops may see this as an opportunity to get a little bit of vengeance on Ray. While he’s not exactly the best at being honest when it comes to his daughter, he certainly does still care about her. With that in mind, he’s not going to respond altogether well to anyone who threatens her in any sort of serious manner. Bridget may be kidnapped over the course of this upcoming episode and it’s going to be up to Ray to see if there is a way to get her back and okay.

Below, CarterMatt has for you the official Ray Donovan season 6 episode 10 synopsis with some more news regarding what lies ahead:

With Ray on the run, Radulovic and the Staten Island cops take a drastic measure: a move that sends Ray on a warpath. Mickey confronts his son. Sam makes her final move to win the election.

While Ray is dealing with what is very clearly an immense personal crisis, there are going to be some other assorted issues out there. Take, for example, him still dealing with his father, who is really the gnat that will not quite go away. We’re still not entirely sure where the story of Mickey Donovan is going after it looked for a while like he was going to flee the country. Nonetheless, anytime you get big material for Jon Voight it’s almost always going to pay off.

Beyond just this, we’ve also got a chance to see coming up some great material for Susan Sarandon as the story of Sam Winslow comes to a head — she is going to be intent on making sure the scales tip in the direction that she wants them to when it comes to the election. She’s worked to manipulate it for the better part of the season, even when Ray was not in the picture. Given that there are only three more episodes left this season, we imagine that we are going to be building to a heck of a conclusion that will set the stage for the future of the series as a whole.

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