Is God Friended Me new tonight on CBS? What’s left to resolve

God friended meIs God Friended Me new tonight on CBS? We definitely understand wanting more, especially when you think about the ending last week.

At the moment, we’re at a fairly interesting place when it comes to the freshman series. After all, the most-recent episode ended with Miles finding a little bit of peace for himself when it comes to the death of his mother. Yet, to go along with this, it also seems as though the mystery of Falken — the hacker who may be responsible for the creation of God account — is being blown wide open. At the end of this episode, Miles, Cara, and Rakesh found themselves confronted by Pria of all people, who are apparently about to learn that there is so much more to this story than they realize.

Unfortunately, we will be waiting for a little while in order to figure out precisely what is coming in terms of the story moving forward. There is no new episode tonight and, to go along with that, there is also no new episode coming next week. The series will return to CBS with new episodes on January 6, where there is clearly a good bit for the writers to take on. This episode will give you the other side of the big Pria cliffhanger, and to go along with that, also presumably offer up a chance to get yet another friend-suggestion-of-the-week. This show is likely going to by a hybrid for the remainder of its run — one where Miles and his friends get some information on the central mystery while also focusing on some individual people along the way.

So, while we want to see a few more pieces put together on the God Account, we’re not entirely sure that we want a clear answer to it this season — and possibly ever, since there is something still interesting about the idea that this could actually be God. This show is really just about the journey. What we would like to see, though, is more of the relationships at the heart of the show developing. We’re firmly in the Cara / Miles camp, and we do think that the story is slowly moving towards this point. As for whether or not something happens this season, though, the jury’s still out. We don’t think that there’s going to be a real hurry to push things along given the plan for this show is for it to be around for a little while longer. (There’s no season 2 renewal just yet, but we remain fairly confident.)

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