Absentia season 2 logline hints at some of what’s to come

Absentia season 2To date, finding a lot of concrete information on Absentia season 2 has not been easy — and for good reason. So much of this series revolves around secrets and with that in mind, there is no real incentive for Sony or the cast and crew to want to give a whole lot away in advance of new episodes airing.

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Yet, we are at least pleased today to present a small logline for what could be the central story at the heart of season 2, courtesy of the series’ Canadian partner in Showcase. While it does not dive too much into finer details about the story ahead, it does give you a good sense as to how the story is focused once more around Stana Katic’s Emily Byrne:

After a shocking realization at the end of Season One, Emily (Stana Katic) begins a relentless investigation into the mystery of her past which uncovers a serial killer in the present.

Time has, in one way or another, long been central to the Absentia story. For a good while, it was pivotal just from the sense that Emily lost so much of it in her years of captivity. Yet, beyond that her personal history ended up being invaluable to figuring out the exact endgame of the first season. Given that Emily will never be able to escape her past fully, it does make sense to embrace that once more in season 2 — while also adding in new pieces of the present and a case that could lead to her throwing herself head-first into the job. From a story perspective, every little bit of this is intriguing — though, of course, we are left to wonder further as to how some of the supporting characters are going to factor into the mix here in the long-term. We’ve come to see most of the story of Absentia from Emily’s point of view, but there are other people who matter here in between Nick, Jack, Alice, and others.

Filming recently concluded on the second season of the show in Bulgaria. While there is no firm premiere date at the moment, our early expectation is that the second season is going to premiere across multiple territories at some point in 2019.

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