Ray Donovan season 6 episode 9 video: The problem with Ray, Bridget

Ray DonovanWe know that there are a lot of constantly-moving parts on Ray Donovanbut to us, this show is at its best when it is personal. That’s why, more so than any storyline with police or politicians, the story of Ray and Bridget is integral to Sunday night’s new episode.

At the moment, Ray’s rather short on people who love him unconditionally and care about him more so than anyone else. He does still need people in his corner, but his big problem is that he doesn’t really know precisely how to find them. He’s not exactly fantastic at opening up to people, often because of the misguided notion that somehow, people not knowing the finer details of his life are safer. From our view, they are more vulnerable since they don’t know how or when to look over their shoulder. They don’t see the onslaught that is coming at them in the same way that other people might and that is a problem.

So in the promo below, it does look like, following Ray’s stay in a psychological ward, he is at a crossroads with Bridget. This is an opportunity to actually speak with her further about what’s going on and in doing so, there is a reasonably-good chance that the two could actually have somewhat of a repaired relationship. Yet, this is also a trigger point that could push Bridget away from him forever. This is why Ray really needs to consider some of his options here as he works in order to figure out what the best possible solution for him is.

Of course, to go along with that you do have all of the other sort of stuff going down with Internal Affairs, with Mickey trying to “mend a fence” (good luck with that), and of course some of the other brooding intensity that you expect from this particular show. In the short-term, all of this stuff matters so that Ray can both survive and have a larger sense of peace in his life. Of course, what matters in the long-term is that there’s a way in which for him to find someone to care about in a broader sense. That’s something that has been missing from his life for a little while, and he’ll certainly need that more as we gear up for what’s going to be a brutal home stretch for him. (Isn’t it always with this particular show?)

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