Madam Secretary 100th episode video: President Dalton, Arizona Governor clash

Madam Secretary season 3 episode 19 return dateThe 100th episode of Madam Secretary is coming on CBS Sunday night, and this one is going to be contentious. For more evidence of that, all you have to do is check out the new sneak peek!

In the video below, you have a chance to see what is effectively the core of the story fittingly titled “Family Separation” — a controversial Arizona Governor has decided to adopt a policy where parents are taken away from their children at the US – Mexico border. Basically, this is the show imitating some real-life events here. The Governor seems to think that he has a right to institute this policy and what works for his state is somewhat-separate from what works for the federal government.

Of course, it’s pretty darn clear here that both President Dalton and Elizabeth McCord have some thoughts on this subject — they are not happy. Not only do the two of them find the practice to be inhumane, but it also could put the relationship between the United States and Mexico at risk over some of their border policies. While this may seem like a domestic issue at first, it does have some international implications that make it essential for Elizabeth to keep an eye on. While there is a difference between state and federal government, this could be an instance in which one directly impacts the other.

How Elizabeth and President Dalton choose to handle this particular situation could prove challenging, mostly because we are talking here about a polarizing situation that could cause even more division if it is handled properly. More than likely, the Governor in Arizona has some staunch supporters who love the policy he is instituting. However, at the same time there are likely many detractors who find the whole ordeal to be disgusting. There may need to be common ground here in order to resolve this situation, but finding that in this particular climate is going to be easier said than done.

Suffice it to say, there is a pretty-clear reason as to why CBS is telling this story in two separate parts — there is so much content here that it is pretty much impossible in order for the network to tell the entirety of this story over the course of just one hour. There is also a romantic storyline that will be wedged in here at some point, as you will have a chance to see Elizabeth and Henry renew their vows.

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