Madam Secretary 100th episode video: Prepare for ‘Family Separation’

Madam SecretaryThe Madam Secretary 100th episode is coming onto CBS come December 23, and we don’t think we have to tell you that this one is big. This is going to be a painful, emotional episode that touches along the way of real-life issues. All you need to know is the title of it to understand the significance: “Family Separation.”

Now, let’s dive in here for a little bit of a closer look. Over the past several months, we’ve seen a number of headlines over some family-separation policies that have gone on within the present-day administration. On Sunday night, you’ll have a chance to see the series’ own version of it. There are some key differences between what the show is doing and what’s happening in real life — for example, in the world of the show, family separation is not the policy of Keith Carradine’s President Dalton. Instead, this is the policy of a local Governor who is going to have some clashes with one Elizabeth McCord.

Basically, our big takeaway from the promo below is simply this: Elizabeth is not to be trifled with and if you think that you can somehow intimidate her, you’ve got another thing coming. This is going to be a really intense episode as she does battle to ensure that this policy is stopped. It’s not going to be an easy thing for her to do but within the world of this show, we’ve counted on people to do the right thing and really get the job done.

One other thing worth celebrating is simply a sighting of Kat Sandoval in the promo! We haven’t seen as much Sara Ramirez this season as we would like, so we’re certainly excited to see the character be represented in some way here. Ultimately, our hope is that the 100th episode does nod towards a lot of makes this show great both past and present, given that this is a rather-long time for a show to come on the air.

We are somewhat surprised that the 100th episode is going to air on December 23 (it is so close to Christmas, after all) but rest assured, we are going to be around to cover it from start to finish. Here’s to hoping that this event gets off to as great of a start creatively as we’re hoping. Whatever is left off will be picked up in Part 2, which is airing in the new year.

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