God Friended Me episode 11 (fall finale): Is Pria actually Falken?

God friended me

Tonight, God Friended Me brought you episode 11 — an episode otherwise known as the fall finale. Rest assured, this was one of the most important ones of the entire series, and there was a pretty-simple reason for it. After all, this episode forced Miles to look at his past in a rather different way than he has so far.

Tonight, this episode introduced us to Charles Cole, the man who was responsible for killing Miles’ mother when he was young. This was someone who made the biggest mistake of his life when he was drunk and irresponsible. Eventually he went to prison as a result of it, he paid his dues, and he wanted to find a way to move back into being an active part of society. He wanted to work at the fire department, the same place he wanted to work before the accident ever happened.

After Cole’s name ended up being suggested to Miles by God, he eventually resisted this to the best of his ability. He didn’t want to forgive this man; yet, with some encouragement via Cara, he found out a way to properly do so. He met him, but soon after that another problem came out when Miles learned that Cole hadn’t told his fiancée the truth about what happened seventeen years ago. Why was that? The episode showed us over time that he really wanted to; yet, every relationship he had crumbled the moment that he opened up about being an ex-con. He just wanted a second chance.

As Miles got to know the man tonight, he realized that this was time for him to at least offer an olive branch; this happened and as we see the story move forward, maybe this emotional weight is lifted from him.

The search for the hacker Falken

This is one of the big questions as we move forward. Is it possible that Miles, Rakesh, and Cara are actually going to discover the truth about him?

The good news at present is that Cara is still on the team after turning down a promotion. For those who do love romance, we had a brief moment with her and Miles at the end, after she made it clear that her relationship with Eli was over.

At the end of the episode, Rakesh finally uncovered the biggest clue to date about Falken’s location in his childhood home. There was finally a chance to learn about this man, otherwise known as Henry Chase. There were so many questions still to wonder, though, including whether or not this man was who the trio thought he was. Nobody was at his childhood home, though, with one key exception: Pria. Is she Falken? Well, she’s promising them the truth … and that’s where the story is leaving us off. Hopefully, there is some more information coming in the winter premiere in 2019.

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